Modern Libraries with no dust jackets

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Wed Feb 2 21:32:57 EST 2005

Looks like my oldest is the first Cabell book,  the dj dates from 1925-29.  
Its pictured in the Toledano.  

Cabell  James   Cream of the Jest(First 1927)   126.1   ur6 C   4c  4
Moore   George  Confessions of a Young Man  16.1    ur6 C   5d  5
Ellis   Havelock    Dance of Life (first) 1929  160.1   ul5 C   5d  5
Misc        A comprehensive Anthology of American Poetry    101.2   ur6 C   
5d    5
Merejkowski Dmitri  Death of the Gods   153.1   ur6 C   5d  5
Hardy   Thomas  The Return of the Native                    121 ur6 C   5d  5
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