"Fake" firsts on eBay abound

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Tue Feb 1 14:34:22 EST 2005


Here's a warning for newbies and for experienced collectors who may 
have gotten lax.

A seeming record number of titles falsely claiming to be ML Firsts 
and ML "true first American" editions are popping up on eBay. Folks 
are using the silliest reasons for claiming that a title is a first.

Please know what you're bidding on!!! Follow these steps:

(1) Look for first edition points appearing in the book and on the 
DJ. If they aren't in the listing, write the seller and ask for them.
(2) Check the points against the Toledano Guide and against the 
information available on Dogeared.
(3) Ask here - paste a link to the auction and ask us for help.

It's your dough - don't throw it away!

Scot Kamins
"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security are deserving of 
neither liberty nor security."
                      - after Benjamin Franklin

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