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> Glancing through a DIY bookbinding book at the library and  came  
> across these
> two photos.  They also show the book with the cover  torn off, but  
> it's too
> dark to see the torch bearer in a scan.  It made  me think of how  
> we always
> hear about ML being favorites for bookbinding  courses (although  
> I've not seen
> one).  Enjoy!
> blc
> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v732/cottonwoodbooks/binding.jpg
> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v732/cottonwoodbooks/binding.jpg
BUT please note:  The technique shown, (which I confess I used  to  
use) in
which the edge of a piece of paper is used to shield the page to   
which the
loose page is to be tipped, is NOT recommended in that it will  
produce  a sharply
defined fault line, and thus a greater probability that the tipped   
page will
crack along the edge of the glue, especially if the page is opened  very
often.  A cracked page is not only loose again but reduced in  size!   
are sometimes printed on heavy paper, but a title  page, as shown, is  
risky in this respect.

The preferred technique is to apply the glue to the edge of the loose  
using the brush held perpendicular to the edge.  (This requires a bit of
practice.)  Thus the glue area has a slightly irregular edge  and  
minimizes the
fault-line problem.  This can be done by any small  brush, but it  
gets pretty
tedious with most.  A better brush is made in a  fan shape and is  
available from
art supply shops.  It might help to trim  the fan brush a bit to make  
edge straight.  I would not rule out some  makeup brushes.

This was one of the points taught at the Cattailrun.com book repair  
which I heartily recommend.  It is good for your books and maybe for  
spirit, almost a day of vacation.


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