G8 or G9?

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I have a copy, too.  When I inventoried it, I noted the DJ with a ?! because
the title and picture on the front are also on the back!  My copy is a G9
cover and the copyright page states 1982.  I didn't notice the dating
discrepancy between cover and copyright page date until you brought it up.
I believe I read somewhere the jacket is a recreation of the 1930 Random
House issue of Moby Dick, with the addition of "Moby Dick" at the bottom of
the jacket spine.  I have seen copies of this jacket on older non-ML books
at book fairs, usually with a higher price.  I also recollect reading in
Toledano the book was paper over cardboard and was described as rust.
Someone please correct me if mistaken.

My copy has a $10.95 original jacket price and on the back of the jacket
394-60804-6.  What price does yours have?

Scott, any interest in a pic of this somewhat unique ML item even though it
is a 1980 issue?

John Wolansky

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The book has a dj (Illustrated by Rockwell Kent). It's
brown but I'm not really sure if it's considered
paper-covered. If I had to give it a name, I'd call it
fake leatherboard. It does have the G8 blind stamped
logo of the torchbearer. The Guide shows G8 and G9
with separate logos, but states that endpapers can be
individualized. Does that help?  I'm going to call
this one a G9 unless I hear otherwise. Thanks, folks.

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