G8 or G9?

Madaline Reddy mac-reddy at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 27 17:42:43 EST 2005


The book has a dj (Illustrated by Rockwell Kent). It's
brown but I'm not really sure if it's considered
paper-covered. If I had to give it a name, I'd call it
fake leatherboard. It does have the G8 blind stamped
logo of the torchbearer. The Guide shows G8 and G9
with separate logos, but states that endpapers can be
individualized. Does that help?  I'm going to call
this one a G9 unless I hear otherwise. Thanks, folks.

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> Is it the brown paper-covered boards, with the
> blind-stamping in the upper right corner of the
> front?  No dust jacket?
>   blc
> modlib at alltel.net wrote:
>   Hi Madaline,
> > The spine of Moby Dick appears to be a G8;
> endpapers
> > are plain like a G8(GA); the logo is blind stamped
> > like a G8 and is perfect bound (?). A G8 is
> supposed
> > to be published between 1977-1980. It is, however,
> a
> > 1982 Modern Library edition, which causes me to
> > believe it is actually a G9. Regular MLs,
> according to
> > the Guide, sometimes have anomalies when publisher
> > used an inappropriate type of binding--would this
> be
> > true even in the eighties? 
> Where does it say 1982 Modern Library edition? And
> the blind-stamped image is that awful late 60's era
> torchbearer? That is strange. I suppose there is no
> reason why inventory issues would not be present in
> the early 80's as they were in years earlier.
> ron
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