G8 or G9?

modlib at alltel.net modlib at alltel.net
Tue Dec 27 15:40:53 EST 2005

Hi Madaline,

> The spine of Moby Dick appears to be a G8; endpapers
> are plain like a G8(GA); the logo is blind stamped
> like a G8 and is perfect bound (?). A G8 is supposed
> to be published between 1977-1980. It is, however,  a
> 1982 Modern Library edition, which causes me to
> believe it is actually a G9. Regular MLs, according to
> the Guide, sometimes have anomalies when publisher
> used an inappropriate type of binding--would this be
> true even in the eighties? 

Where does it say 1982 Modern Library edition?  And the blind-stamped image is that awful late 60's era torchbearer?  That is strange.  I suppose there is no reason why inventory issues would not be present in the early 80's as they were in years earlier.


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