Unusual #8?

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Thu Dec 22 21:02:07 EST 2005

Hi Rob,

It sounds like the binding is consistant in all ways (front, spine) and the pages are consistant (no topstain, 1963 and later title page).  So, what you are saying is that the oddity is the mismatch between boards and the pages inside?  If so, it looks like a case of newly printed pages placed into existing (older) boards, and the difference could be only months apart.  True?

I'll check my #8's and see how many don't have topstain.


> I saw something that was new to me, wondering how common it is:
> embossed title & Kent torchbearer consistent with #8 binding on spine & 
> front cover, but...
> not topstained and on the title page was a torchbearer with the short flame, 
> consistent with a #10 binding.  There were 415 titles on the dj, so it would 
> be right around the end of the #8 binding.
> Unusual, or run of the mill?
> Thanks
> Rob Perrilleon

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