Buckrams (again)

John jwol at fast.net
Wed Dec 21 07:29:55 EST 2005

BC, do they have Dewey Decimal numbers on the spines?  Has anyone had any
success removing DD#'s from buckrams?


John Wolansky





     Scored a handful of buckram regulars this week, including the unsighted
72.3, Hardy's T of the D in gray.  All four are the "type 1" spine w/
blackened box and "Buckram Reinforced" at the tail.  All are ex-library
copies from the same highschool, and I thought it was interesting to find
"Random,  4/67,  $2.39" written in the gutter of all the title pages, as
librarians do.  So, I guess they cost $2.39 from Random House in April 1967.
I've never seen a price attributed to buckrams.  The three with catalogs
dated to '64-'66.  The other titles, were Dostoyevsky's Brothers K (red) and
Maugham's Moon and Sixpence (Burgundy) and Human Suffering (Dark Green).


benj clark


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