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Many, many thanks, John and Ron, for clearing this up for me.

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On Dec 20, 2005, at 5:37 PM, John Ireland wrote:

> I am curious as to whether anyone has seen any of the following  
> books in
> spine #8.  In Henry's book, the last year of publication is listed as
> 1940, even 1941, but there is a blank in the H_C column. I seem to
> recall seeing a #8 42nd Parallel recently on ebay.	
> Three Lives (Stein)
> Maurice Gest (Richardson)
> The Pit (Norris)
> Amenities of Book Collecting  (Newton)
> Buddenbrooks (Mann)
> Death of the Gods (Merejkowski)
> Peter and Alexis (Merejkowski)
> Ghosts/Enemy ... (Ibsen)
> Porgy (Heyward)
> Showboat (Ferber)
> Poems & Prose (Dowson)
> 42nd Parallel (Dos Passos)

Barry N. can correct me if I am wrong, but in the list above only the
Ibsen was reprinted in the HC binding: it was available until 1945
(when 6.3 replaced it).  So you can adjust the dates for these two
books in Henry's Guide.

All of the other titles were never printed in HC.  The 1940 or 1941
end date has to do with the title being listed in the ML catalogs.
Remaining flex stock was sold after 1939, and titles which were not
reprinted in HC remained in the catalog for a bit.

I can't recall if I shared this photo (link below) from Publisher's
Weekly - Sept. of 1940.  You can see that both HC and flex titles
were being sold from this ML display.  A copy of "Hear, Ye Sons"
sits up top in the middle!  I got the reference to this image from
the last issue of the Modern Library Collector:


Also, one other error in Henry's Guide is that Lundberg's "Imperial
Hearst" was not reprinted in HC.

John K.

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