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      While wasting time on WorldCat/ OCLC/ etc. I came across an article I've not seen cited anywhere.  Although, I am lacking Neavill's dissertation.  Anyway... It is "I am Used to Being Dunned": F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Modern Library by Andrew B. Myers in Columbia Library Columns, vol. 25 #2 (Feb. 1976).  This, as you guessed, is from Columbia U., home of the Random House archives.  I got a copy thru. Document Delivery and Inter-Library Loan.  Really no new info, but does add some color to the story we already know.  Article includes a couple photos of Fitzgerald, Zelda and thier daughter, and a reproduction of an interesting Western Union Telegram from FSF to Bennet Cerf in 1936.  Article is 6 pgs. on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.  
  benj clark

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