This Year In Dogeared: End Of Year Summary Report

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Dec 11 17:34:41 EST 2005


It's been a heck of a year at Dogeared.

We've had lots of changes.

* This was the first year that Dogeared converted to a hybrid site  
with both Public and Member's Only areas. (Previously we were all  

* We have a total of 86 members. Most, but not all, are members of  
this ListServ. (And not all members of this ListServ are members of  
Dogeared -- I don't know why.) We've been adding two new members a  
month for the last four months. Thanks to all for your financial  
contributions: You've kept us on the Internet!

* Here are a list of additions to Dogeared over the past year:

    • Updates to existing features including:
      ° 90 dust jackets
      ° 10 FAQ entries (including all the ones in the eBay section)
      ° 12 entries to the Toledano Updates & Corrections page
      ° 60 tables of contents
      ° 140 dust jacket blurbs
      ° 22 items to the Buckrams Extant page
      ° 17 Book Notes

    • Brand new feature including:
      ° Biographies Project
      ° Brochures Page
      ° Contents Project
      ° Genres Project
      ° Liberal Arts curricula Project
      ° Major authors in anthologies list
      ° Metacontent Project
      ° Minor authors list
      ° Site map
      ° Updates & Additions log

     • Miscellaneous stuff including:
      ° The Adopt-An-Author program
      ° Two or three small articles
      ° Addition of assorted graphics here and there
      ° Updates throughout the system to both content and "look & feel"

Without the editorial contributions of its members, Dogeared would be  
During the past year twenty-eight members made editorial  
contributions to dogeared in the form of DJs, blurbs, ToCs, or  
information added to book notes. These members included:

Bill DiBenedetto 	
Neal P. Fenty		
Joe Hill			
Clare Imholtz		
John Ireland
Lori Lampe			
Buck Lawrence		
Toby G Levy			
Ed Lukanuski		
Barry Miller	
Terry Morris		
Rob Perrilleon		
Jack Pickens		
Ed Postal			
Bob Riedel	
Mark Suchanek		
Scott Tilley		
Henry Toledano		
Trevor White	
Sharon Biederman
Amy Comeau
John Krygier
Barry Neavill
Benj L. Clark
Ron Holl
John Peterson
Bob Snare
John Wolansky

(If I've forgotten anyone, please forgive the oversight and let me  
know about it!)

Special thanks this year go to the last five members mentioned-- 
Clark, Holl, Peterson, Snare, and Wolansky--for their constant  
editorial contributions. Great work, guys!!! I can't thank you enough.

Scot Kamins
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world.    Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
   -- Margaret Mead

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