Euripedes 316.1 First

Sun Dec 11 17:04:13 EST 2005

This is an accurate description of the first printing.  I
hadn't noticed the omission of the 3rd Euripides volume (316)
from the list of titles inside the jacket and have no
explanation for it.  Publisher's oversight sounds plausible to


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>Subject: Euripedes 316.1 First  
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>   Could someone please help explain whether a copy of
>   Euripedes 316.1, Vol. 7 of the Complete Greek
>   Tragedies, is a true "Hidden First" ML? The book has
>   a T9 binding which is correct for the first issue
>   and the DJ has a k back panel. ML catalogs in the
>   back of the book suggest this was a Fall, 1963
>   printing (Has Ellison but no Malamud)), also
>   consistent with a first. The 316 is contained in
>   that catalog. The catalog on the DJ reverse is the
>   same as that of the book (Ellison, but no Malamud).
>   BUT the DJ catalog does not contain 316 (it has only
>   314 and 315).
>   Is it possible that the omission of 316 from the DJ
>   catalog is -- excuse the heresy -- a simple
>   publisher's oversight??
>    Help appreciated.
>   Barry Miller
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