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BARRY MILLER bmillerasc at
Sun Dec 11 17:14:15 EST 2005

Could someone please help explain whether a copy of Euripedes 316.1, Vol. 7 of the Complete Greek Tragedies, is a true "Hidden First" ML? The book has a T9 binding which is correct for the first issue and the DJ has a k back panel. ML catalogs in the back of the book suggest this was a Fall, 1963 printing (Has Ellison but no Malamud)), also consistent with a first. The 316 is contained in that catalog. The catalog on the DJ reverse is the same as that of the book (Ellison, but no Malamud). BUT the DJ catalog does not contain 316 (it has only 314 and 315). 

Is it possible that the omission of 316 from the DJ catalog is -- excuse the heresy -- a simple publisher's oversight??

 Help appreciated.

Barry Miller
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