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Nice find! I will drink to that! Odd that we were sort of on the same subject at the same time.

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Dearest ModLib gang,
      Well, I finally found a Hamish Hamilton imprint Modern Library book- Wisdom of Confucius.  A #7 brown binding with the orange Kent end-papers, brown topstain, and tipped-in Hamish Hamilton title page.  I thought it was interesting the title page is printed in brown ink.  The Humphry Clinker on Dogeared is brown too, but I didn't realize it until I saw mine.  On the back is "printed USA", which collaborates the statement (somewhere by somebody, whom I didn't doubt) that Modern Library printed up the title pages for Hamilton.  Now to find a Lane/Penguin imprint!  I tried to find a list of all the known British titles, but I could only find a limited listing, and I compiled what I could from dogeared and the archives.  Some titles have numbers, most I don't have them.  Would it be interesting to have an "existed vs. spotted" page for the British MLs, like for the buckrams?  By my flawed count 11 regulars, and 15 giant titles that went to Britain for Hamilton.  I'd like to!
  know how
 rare these birds actually are.   I can only account for 3 regular titles (2 on dogeared, 1 w/ me) and the MLG 2-vol. Gibbon owned by Alan O.  I think I read that Henry had some in the archives....  Any others?
  benj clark
  Oh, the photo of the title page:

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