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ML copies of Wings of the Dove were printed from two
typesettings.  The first was printed from Scribner plates and
has two sequences of pagination, the first sequence ending
with p. 329 and the second with p. 439 (the book was
originally published in two volumes).

The second typesetting uses a single sequence of pagination
and ends with p. 522.  The first ML printing from this
typesetting was in 1968.

If you have the 11 binding (which I date 1963-66) you probably
have the first typesetting.  The jacket you describe is found
on late printings from the first typesetting.  I date the
introduction of that jacket as fall 1964, though for the
moment I'm not sure why.  The ML stopped printing titles
inside the jackets in 1964, so your copy isn't earlier than
1964.  The Fujita endpapers replaced the Kent endpapers in
fall 1967.  From your description I would guess that your copy
is from the first typesetting; if it has the Kent endpaper
it's not later than spring 1967.

This doesn't date your copy precisely, but it may help narrow
it down a bit.


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>> So here I am in my drafty house, my pregnant wife is asleep
>> first),
>> and I am "working" on my modern library collection.
>> I am attempting to date (not in the social sense) a copy of
>> of the
>> Dove. The undated (an ugly term) copy has no titles listed
on the  
>> inside
>> jacket, totally blank. It's an H binding 1963-1967 per the
>> bibliography, #11 according to Henry's price guide.
>> The dust jacket itself is essentially the same as the 1947
>> listed on Scott's site. Where the copy on Dogeared is beige
>> copy is
>> white, where Dogeared is grayish my copy yellow. Everything
else is  
>> the
>> same font, layout torchbearer.
>> Any help you can offer to find this poor little book a date
would be
>> greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks
>> Terry
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