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> check the ml newsletters (#24-27)
> to report the titles in the college
> edition that are not in the regular

A quick look shows the following titles with no corresponding  
reference to the regular ML series (to 1974):

T70 Medieval Romances -- This may be an omission. There is a title  
"Medieval Romances" in the ML series # 133. I don't have a copy and  
there's no ToC on Dogeared, but the editor is the same and so the  
selections may be the same as well.

T77 Seventeenth Century French Drama - intro by Guichamaud

T91 O'Neill: The Later Plays

T92 Swift: Gulliver's Travels - edited by Heilman in 1967 with a  
revised intro in 1969

T96 Utopian Literature -- ed. & intro. by Johnson

T97 Milton: Paradise Lost

T98 The Pre-Raphaelites -- ed, by Buckley

T99 Mann: Death in Venice -- trans. by Burke; intro. by Heller

T100 Marvell: Complete Poetry

T102 Carlyle: A Carlyle Reader -- ed. by G.B. Tennyson

T103 Dryden: Selected Poetry & Prose -- ed. with intro & notes by Miner

T104 Existentialism -- ed. with intro. by Solomon

Additionally, there are 21 unnumbered titles 1981-1985.

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