191.4 question

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Sept. 1968 was the first printing.  It was actually in print
through 1971.  The first printing was 5,000 copies.  My guess
is that there wasn't a second printing.


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> I have a few questions; please excuse the inexperience and
ignorance here
>displayed -- i still consider myself a newbie.
>I recently acquired a fine edition of 191.4 (A Clockwork
Orange/Honey for
>the Bears). It says FMLEd (Sept. 1968).  The guide has dates
1968-70. Does
>that mean it was published in each of those three years? Or
was the initial
>printing only in 1968 and it remained in print until 1970,
with no  print
>runs after 1968. If that is the case was  Sept., 1968 the
first printing or
>are there editions that have an earlier month?
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