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Mon Aug 1 15:13:56 EDT 2005

I am confused; quoting Mr. Toledano:

"The great days, rather decades, of the Modern Library were beginning to come to an end in 1963. ...<snip>... In 1970 The Modern Library, which had been in print for over fifty years ceased. The last books in the series were William Styron's Nat Turner (number 396) in the standard format and Between Hume and Mill in the Giants (number 102).


The Modern Library was revived in 1977. As far as I can see the object was to return the series to its original aims, i.e. to produce good literature cheap."


So, how can this be?  Were they just selling old stock?


> Yesterday I posted about an advertising sign I have dated Fall 1974/Winter
> 1975.  Scott observed, "On first glance, it looks like the total  
> number of titles is less than the number offered in the late 60's  
> which is interesting in itself."  Scott is correct, the poster has about 131
> regular titles and 55 giants.
> Two questions come to mind.
> In the guide many titles are listed in the dates column as being available
> to 1970.  I checked a few on my poster and noted they were still available
> in 1975.  The Education of Henry Adams, 76.2 and Selected Stories of Sholom
> Aleichem, 145.2 are two examples as listed on the poster for 1975.  Should
> those items in the guide listed to 1970 really be 1975?

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