How to identify first of Kafka's The Castle (388.1)?

Sat Apr 30 17:26:15 EDT 2005

First of all, the title page is found with two different 
torchbearers -- the first is similar to the torchbearer on 
binding 12 in Henry's Price Guide, the later is the Fujita 
torchbearer similar to that on binding 13, except the flame 
doesn't extend over the figure's head.

To the best of my knowledge all 1969-70 first printings were 
published with the Fujita endpaper introduced in 1967.  I 
believe the white endpaper is later.

Kafka's The Castle was published in February 1969 at $2.45.  
That's the price shown on the jacket if you have a copy that 
hasn't been price clipped.

Barry Neavill


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>On Apr 30, 2005, at 1:21 PM, Barry Miller wrote:
>> How would one determine which copy of Kafka's The Castle 
(388.1) is 
>> the actual ML First (or in this case ML Edition, 
February, 1969) if 
>> both books have T14 bindings, both state Modern Library 
>> February, 1969, both have what would appear to be 
identical ML lists 
>> at rear BUT one has blank end pages, the other the Fujita 
end papers?? 
>> The Guide indicates either of those end paper versions is 
>> with a T14. But which is first??
>Great question for the mailing list, since I don't know! 
I'm going to 
>forward this question to the list to find out.
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