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> I agree. I've picked up used reading copies when I've seen them, but
> certainly wouldn't ask for them as presents (which is the only way I 
> ask for
> new books, given the price!).
> Oh, now that I think of it, there is an exception. I saw the ML 
> edition of
> 'Garp', and thought that it would be a nice additon to my Irving 
> collection,
> but not my ML collection, and I'm sure you understand the difference.
> Jo-Anne McBride
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>> Not to mention the prices are out of whack. I
>> certainly do not expect to pay $2.95 for a title
>> but some of the new ones are over $20, inflation
>> not with standing. I know that original
>> publications are closer in price to $30 then $20
>> but it still seems high to me and not really in
>> the spirit of the modern library. I may be naïve
>> here. I am a capitalist of course. Notice my
>> signature? I'm in SALES!
>> The new Modern Library just leaves a bad taste.
>> I'm thinking of publishing a competitive series.
> I (mostly) agree. While I like the style - and
> content - of some of the 90's pubs (Einstein's
> Ideas & Opinions, Kühn's History of the Catholic
> Church) and buy them used as reading copies from
> half.com, pricing is way out of whack with the
> original series intention.
> I certainly wouldn't collect them.
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