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Morris, Terry Terrence.Morris at gisinfosystems.com
Fri Apr 15 12:22:57 EDT 2005

The modern library kicked up again in what 1992? I have seen many of the titles and remain somewhat unimpressed. The dust jacket art is just plain lazy and cheap. Author photos (Prayer for Owen Meany) or sections of paintings (any Gore Vidal title), or worse, movie tie ins (Possession)

Not to mention the prices are out of whack. I certainly do not expect to pay $2.95 for a title but some of the new ones are over $20, inflation not with standing. I know that original publications are closer in price to $30 then $20 but it still seems high to me and not really in the spirit of the modern library. I may be naïve here. I am a capitalist of course. Notice my signature? I'm in SALES!

The new Modern Library just leaves a bad taste. I'm thinking of publishing a competitive series. 

What does everyone else think?



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