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Don Ramsey

>From the Respect for Literature Department:

Last year there was a movie called "Mr. 3000" about an arrogant ass of a 
baseball player who suddenly quits his team and abandons his few fans when 
he gets his 3000th hit and potentially makes the hall of fame. Of course 
karma dictates that the tabulation is wrong and months later he has to 
rejoin the now-disgruntled team to make two more hits. Along the way he is 
humbled and ultimately learns the expected life lessons before an 
appropriate ending where he sacrifices his pride for the good of the team. 
It's all fairly predictable, but a nice, fun movie and worth a few bucks to 
see. The main idea, here, is...

At the end of the movie, after he's "reformed" by his life lessons, he's in 
a brief scene in a park-like setting with his girlfriend. He's lying on the 
grass reading what is obviously a Modern Library edition (sans dust jacket) 
front and center in the frame. Goes by too fast for me to tell what the 
title might be. The point is that he's gotten serious about the pleasure of 
intellectual pursuit and the writers thought that an ML exemplified this. 
And it was probably cost-effective as a prop.


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