Title count on 1st of G67.1?

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Do you know the dates or printings of this title that had catalogs in 
the back? The collector who contacted me says that his book had no 

At 8:50 AM -0400 4/12/05, GORDON NEAVILL wrote:
>The first printing of An Anthology of Famous English and
>American Poetry (with the statement "First Modern Library
>Giant Edition 1945") was published in fall 1945 and has a
>fall 1945 (306) jacket.  It was published late in the year
>and is listed in Publishers' Weekly "Weekly Record" of
>December 15, 1945. I don't know the size of the first
>printing but it may have been smaller than usual because of
>wartime paper shortages.
>The second printing (identical to the first except for the
>omission of the "First" statement) also excluded the Pound
>poems.  This must have been published early in 1946.  The
>collector noted below and Alan Oestreich both have copies of
>this in a fall 1945 jacket; I believe Alan's copy is dated
>Nov. 4, 1946 by an early owner.  I don't know whether the ML
>printed extra copies of the original jacket and used them
>for the second printing, or whether the second printing came
>so soon after the first (say January 1946) that newly
>printed jackets still had the fall 1945 list.
>Cerf reconsidered his position about the exclusion of
>Pound's poems -- partly in response to W. H. Auden's threat
>to leave Random House over the issue.  In March 1946 he
>agreed to restore the poems in the next printing.  I have a
>note somewhere about a July 1946 printing, but I don't know
>whether that's the second printing without the Pound poems
>or the first printing with them.
>The earliest copy I've seen with the Pound poems restored is
>spring 1947 (322 jacket).  If anyone has an earlier copy
>with the Pound poems (pp. 788-798) please let me know!
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>>    I have a first of this title, and the DJ lists 306
>>    titles.
>>    Pete
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>>    Folks,
>>    A Dogeared member wrote and asked this:
>>    "[G]67.1, the once-controversial Anthology of
>>    English/American Poetry. The Guide lists the DJ
>>    first as #307.. That's the one w/o Pound. My copy of
>>    that book is a reprint -- not a stated first -- but
>>    the DJ number is 306. It's also w/o Pound. Did a
>>    jacket subsequent to the one appropriate for the
>>    first have a number lower than its predecessor?"
>>    I suggested the following possibilities:
>>    (1) He encountered a Guide error - the first DJ is
>>    NOT 307
>>    (2) His 306 DJ is perhaps a first; and
>>    (3) the book is a later printing (no catalog in
>>    back)
>>    Comments?
>>    --  Scot Kamins, FCB-0
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