Title count on 1st of G67.1?

GORDON NEAVILL aa3401 at wayne.edu
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The first printing of An Anthology of Famous English and 
American Poetry (with the statement "First Modern Library 
Giant Edition 1945") was published in fall 1945 and has a  
fall 1945 (306) jacket.  It was published late in the year 
and is listed in Publishers' Weekly "Weekly Record" of 
December 15, 1945. I don't know the size of the first 
printing but it may have been smaller than usual because of 
wartime paper shortages.

The second printing (identical to the first except for the 
omission of the "First" statement) also excluded the Pound 
poems.  This must have been published early in 1946.  The 
collector noted below and Alan Oestreich both have copies of 
this in a fall 1945 jacket; I believe Alan's copy is dated 
Nov. 4, 1946 by an early owner.  I don't know whether the ML 
printed extra copies of the original jacket and used them 
for the second printing, or whether the second printing came 
so soon after the first (say January 1946) that newly 
printed jackets still had the fall 1945 list.

Cerf reconsidered his position about the exclusion of 
Pound's poems -- partly in response to W. H. Auden's threat 
to leave Random House over the issue.  In March 1946 he 
agreed to restore the poems in the next printing.  I have a 
note somewhere about a July 1946 printing, but I don't know 
whether that's the second printing without the Pound poems 
or the first printing with them.

The earliest copy I've seen with the Pound poems restored is 
spring 1947 (322 jacket).  If anyone has an earlier copy 
with the Pound poems (pp. 788-798) please let me know!



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>   I have a first of this title, and the DJ lists 306
>   titles.
>   Pete 
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>   Folks, 
>   A Dogeared member wrote and asked this: 
>   "[G]67.1, the once-controversial Anthology of
>   English/American Poetry. The Guide lists the DJ
>   first as #307.. That's the one w/o Pound. My copy of
>   that book is a reprint -- not a stated first -- but
>   the DJ number is 306. It's also w/o Pound. Did a
>   jacket subsequent to the one appropriate for the
>   first have a number lower than its predecessor?" 
>   I suggested the following possibilities: 
>   (1) He encountered a Guide error - the first DJ is
>   NOT 307 
>   (2) His 306 DJ is perhaps a first; and 
>   (3) the book is a later printing (no catalog in
>   back) 
>   Comments? 
>   --  Scot Kamins, FCB-0 
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