Title count on 1st of G67.1?

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I have a first of this title, and the DJ lists 306 titles.
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A Dogeared member wrote and asked this: 
"[G]67.1, the once-controversial Anthology of English/American Poetry. The Guide lists the DJ first as #307.. That's the one w/o Pound. My copy of that book is a reprint -- not a stated first -- but the DJ number is 306. It's also w/o Pound. Did a jacket subsequent to the one appropriate for the first have a number lower than its predecessor?" 
I suggested the following possibilities: 
(1) He encountered a Guide error - the first DJ is NOT 307 
(2) His 306 DJ is perhaps a first; and 
(3) the book is a later printing (no catalog in back) 
--  Scot Kamins, FCB-0 
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