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Allow me to clarify.  If you cock your head to the side, squint, the style of the titling on the spine, with the title, underneath that a line and then the authors last name, gilded, reminds me of a #6.  The tail end 3/8"  of the spine is cut off, removing the "Modern Library" at the bottom, w/out any symbols, trees, or torchers.  I'm just *trying* to see a ML connection.  The color looks all wrong too, but I've seen some wierd shades resulting from fading.  However, this doesn't look faded.

Scot Kamins <kamins at> wrote:
At 11:25 PM -0700 4/10/05, Cottonwood Books wrote:
I do hope someone on the list bought this book, or got better photos from
the seller confirming it to be ML. From what I could see, the 
binding looks like it *could* be a 1930 style (Binding 6), but seems 
to be missing the torchbearer on the cover and looks to be hardbound. 
Illusion? Perhaps a blindstamped, un-gilded torchbearer is obscured 
in the photo. Anyway, I hope someone here could shed more light on 
this interesting copy. There must be quite a story behind this one. 

Actually, it doesn't look ANY form of ML to me. I'm guessing some 
other publisher bought the rights from ML to reprint it from ML 

But it's just a guess.
Scot Kamins

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