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I've added these comments to Dogeared as notes to the appropriate book.

At 10:15 AM -0400 4/10/05, GORDON NEAVILL wrote:
>As several members of the list have noted, I misspoke in
>yesterday's posting.  It's the fall 1957 first printing only
>that has the red jacket.  The green jacket is used from
>spring 1958 on.
>Cass Timberlane is further complicated by the fact that
>the "First ML" statement appears on the first two
>printings.  Even without jackets the printings can be
>distinguished by the list of ML Giants at the end of the
>volume.  The list in the fall 1957 true first printing shows
>80 Giants with G31 being Famous Sciene-Fiction Stories.  The
>list in the spring 1958 second printing shows 81 Giants with
>G81 being Encyclopedia of Modern American Humor.
>As far as I know there was only one ML printing of Newton's
>Amenities of Book Collecting, probably for 7,000 copies (the
>printer quoted costs for 5,000 and 7,000 copies, but I'm not
>certain which the ML went with).  The ML edition was
>published in December 1935 and discontinued five years later
>in December 1940, so it's unlikely there was a second
>However, Amenities of Book Collecting was printed from
>offset lithographic plates.  When this type of printing was
>used the "First ML" statement was almost always retained on
>subsequent printings -- as it was with Thurber Carnival,for
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