Correction -- Cass Timberlane; Newton Amenities

Sun Apr 10 10:15:01 EDT 2005

As several members of the list have noted, I misspoke in 
yesterday's posting.  It's the fall 1957 first printing only 
that has the red jacket.  The green jacket is used from 
spring 1958 on.

Cass Timberlane is further complicated by the fact that 
the "First ML" statement appears on the first two 
printings.  Even without jackets the printings can be 
distinguished by the list of ML Giants at the end of the 
volume.  The list in the fall 1957 true first printing shows 
80 Giants with G31 being Famous Sciene-Fiction Stories.  The 
list in the spring 1958 second printing shows 81 Giants with 
G81 being Encyclopedia of Modern American Humor.

As far as I know there was only one ML printing of Newton's 
Amenities of Book Collecting, probably for 7,000 copies (the 
printer quoted costs for 5,000 and 7,000 copies, but I'm not 
certain which the ML went with).  The ML edition was 
published in December 1935 and discontinued five years later 
in December 1940, so it's unlikely there was a second 

However, Amenities of Book Collecting was printed from 
offset lithographic plates.  When this type of printing was 
used the "First ML" statement was almost always retained on 
subsequent printings -- as it was with Thurber Carnival,for 


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