REDUX: Unbelievable ML Find

J B Krygier jbkrygier at
Fri Apr 1 19:21:58 EST 2005

On Apr 1, 2005, at 12:32 PM, JOSEPH HILL wrote:

> I will get you for this!!!

I envision myself innocently walking down the street in
Hercules CA when I am struck aside the head by a spare
volume 3 of the ML Gibbon Giant (with some underlining,
no DJ).

Sorry that some of you had trouble viewing the images
at the link.  They are low-rez jpg files so should be
quick to load.  May have been heavy internet traffic or
something - a friend in Australia could view them with
no problem.  maybe they will work better now (links below).

Scot said he would add the images to and
let us know when he does.  Or email me off list and I
can email them to you.

The images are of a hard cover Gatsby and DJ.  It does
not really exist (Sharon wins the coveted Attaboy Award
for figuring out this april fools day special first).

All done in Photoshop.

The DJ was relatively easy.  I scanned a typical 1940s
text DJ (McFee) for the overall DJ, kept the stuff on
the bottom and removed the title and author.  I then
grabbed the DJ image from a recent eBay Gatsby (I don't
have a Gatsby myself).  It had the discontinued stamp
over some of the title, so I got rid of that.  The author
name is in black on the original DJ, so I reversed that
to be white.  I copied the color of the eBay Gatsby and
made the DJ that color (the McFee is darker blue).  The
resolution of the eBay Gatsby scan was not so great,
accounting for the blur.  I blurred the "Modern Library"
text and running man at the bottom of the DJ to match
the blur of the title and author, and sprinkled some
"noise" over the image to make it look older.  If I had
a better Gatsby DJ to start out with it would have been

The book was more work.  I am embarrassed to say that I
had to scan a seven or eight ML books to get all the letters
for the book title and author.  "The" and "Great" were
very easy, but the rest was letter by letter.  I learned
that the letter size varies from book to book - so I had
to scale the letters so they were all the right size.  The
gold varied in color I had to adjust that. The book
too is (was) McFee.

Maybe an hour or so of work.

Would be it so easy in reality to convert Mcfee into


> 	or

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