A Sad Note

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Don't be dismayed: I, too, read Tom Sawyer to my then-8-year-old son, and a lot of the humor went over his head. But that's the glory of Mark Twain. As a kid, you take Tom Sawyer as an adventure story, but when you reread it as an adult you more fully appreciate the richness of the satire. The historical context of antebellum Missouri is also lost on children but not adults. When I was an English major, Tom Sawyer was denigrated as an inferior Twain novel, a children's book, but I think it's one of the funniest works he ever wrote (especially the church scenes!).
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  Greetings, Joseph.

  I started reading Tom Sawyer o my eleven-year-old daughter and had to quit
  because I could tell that it was going right over her head.  Not only were
  some of the words unknown to her, but the complexity of the sentences was
  way beyond fifth graders.

  It might be TV.

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