A Sad Note

Jack Pickens jackpickens at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 21 20:07:19 EDT 2004

Children of today seem to be on their own to learn and do. How many children 
sit down at the dinner table with their parents? Less than 33%. While it is 
convenient to blame public schooling for this gap in learning, perhaps we 
all need to look at the family setting. My children didn't learn the basics 
from school, but from my wife and me. It was our resonsibilty and we 
accepted it. Far too many parents view their children's education as a given 
right to be provided by an over burdened teacher. As Scot says, " Don't get 
me started."

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>At 2:49 PM -0700 9/21/04, JOSEPH HILL wrote:
>>A little off ML..but I have been a bad boy before.
>>Under,"Books For Young People"in Everyman's Library,I have 
>>reading,Children Of The New Forest (1847). I have great doubts that
>>children could master the reading of that title today  (I had to
>>use the
>>One cannot help being amazed how far we have come in education in
>>past 150 years...is it all due to TV?
>I don't know the cause, but I can certainly testify that children
>are far worse educated than when I was young. I also see a general
>lack of care given to grammar in news stories on both the Internet
>(CNN) and on television, and in the speech patterns of famous
>citizenry. For example, when did "waiting on" become 
>with "waiting for?" When did the word "often" begin 
to have that
>silent "t" pronounced, and how long has "chasm" had 
its "ch"
>pronounced as in "choice?"
>DON'T get me started!!!
>-Scot "Nucular is Not a Word" Kamins

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