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I'm a little puzzled by all this.  ON WAR was published in 
September 1943.  The correct number of titles in fall 1943 
jackets is 292, which is what my first has.  This is also 
the number Henry gives for ON WAR.   John's 294 must be a 
typo -- I don't know of any jackets that listed 294 titles.  
I'd love to see a photocopy if it does say 294!  Everything 
else John says about the first dj agrees with my copy of the 
first printing.  (Bear in mind that the rear flap is a list 
of "best-selling" Giants only.)

The jacket on the later printing (non-first) has a fall 1942 
list (284 titles) inside the jacket.  The 299 on the back 
panel dates it to spring 1944.  I've seen several spring 
1944 jackets, but I think the ones I've seen list 299 titles 
inside the jacket.

I'm sure John is correct that the lists inside the jackets 
were printed in bulk, and the outside of the jackets were 
printed for individual titles at a later date.  Bear in mind 
that all publishers were coping with paper shortages in 1944 
and using every scrap of paper they could put their hands 
on.  Jackets printed on one side with out-of-date lists were 
probably tossed out before the war; during wartime they 
would have been used.  Paper shortages were even more 
critical in Britain than they were in the United States.  
Just this afternoon I was looking at a British edition of 
Reinhold Niebuhr's The Children of Light and the Children of 
Darkness, published in 1945.  The jacket is printed on the 
verso of the jacket of an entirely different (and larger) 
book, trimmed to the size of the Niebuhr book.  The paper of 
leftover jackets was too precious to waste and seems to have 
been recycled whenever possible.  This is the first ML 
example brought to my attention.  I expect there are others.


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>> As I sit hear gloating over my just acquired pristine 
copy of
>> Clausewitz' On War, G022.2 I noticed something unusual.  
My copy has 
>> the
>> requisite total of 294 prescribed by Toledano.  The 
detail of titles
>> included and excluded for both Giants and the regular 
series per Mr.
>> Neavill's Dating Key dates the jacket to fall of 1943.  I 
am happy.
>> As I relocate my non-first copy of On War to the For Sale 
bin, I notice
>> this:  The total at the top of the inverse of the jacket 
is 284 and the
>> Giants run to G60!  This dates the inverse of the jacket 
to fall of
>> 1942.  Was this noted in Scott's updates to the guide?  
>> Examining both jackets, I noticed that the rear flap and 
rear of the
>> jacket of the non-first with 284 titles spoke to 299 
titles and listed
>> to G61, while the first with 294 titles indicated 292 
titles on the
>> back panel and rear flap and listed to G59.  This dates 
the outside of
>> the non-first jacket to spring 1944, no? To summarize:
>>                         First      Non-first
>> Top inverse        294       284
>> G inverse           G63      G60
>> Back panel        292       299
>> Rear flap           G59      G61
>> It appears to me that the jackets were printed in two 
steps.  First, 
>> the
>> inverse is printed in bulk, then, as needed, used for a 
variety of
>> titles as the outside of the jackets are printed.  
Consequently, if a
>> box of earlier "inverses" were found in the back of the 
warehouse with 
>> a
>> lower total, they could really have been used in a later 
run.  If
>> someone has a better explanation, please share.
>> What does this mean in practical terms?  Are any of the 
>> firsts
>> reported to Scott really the result of this printing 
process?  Were 
>> some
>> of the higher numbers listed in Toledano really correct?  
>> recollection is that relying on the back of the jacket is 
>> in
>> favor of the inverse total for dating a jacket, but 
perhaps both need 
>> to
>> be taken into account.
>> John Wolansky
>> jwol at fast.net
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