Thanks for your patience!

Scot Kamins kamins at
Wed Sep 8 23:31:56 EDT 2004


Thanks for your patience in waiting for me to catch up with people's 
requests. I first dealt with people who wrote asking for specific 
titles in small numbers (five or so); now I'm getting to folks who 
gave me much larger lists.

I still have a number of first editions left and a huge number of 
non-firsts. I also have a couple of major gems - such as one of the 
finest known copies of a first edition Little Women (NF/NF). I've 
sent offers of this one to several people - so far, no takers. 
Serious inquiries invited. ;-D

By the way, if I quoted you a price on some books that you asked 
about and you haven't got back to me, please do so. This goes for 
folks who want to pass on the books - in most cases there are others 
waiting for those titles.

Thanks for your support,

Scot Kamins
"I am a pitbull on the pantleg of opportunity."
                                - George W. Bush

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