I've decided to sell my collection

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Fri Sep 3 18:48:59 EDT 2004

Scott --

Count me as another vulture circling, with a wish list. Please let me know 
what you've got left, with prices, in the way of these:


88.2, Apuleius, Golden Ass

15.2, Cabell, Jurgen

338.1, Ellison, Invisible Man

185.2, Fielding, Tom Jones (w/ Edward Gorey jacket)

45.2, Hammett, Maltese Flacon

375.1, Heller, Catch-22

144.1, Misc. (Starrett, ed.), Fourteen Great Detective Stories

90.2, Salinger, Catcher in the Rye

31.2, Stoker, Dracula

389.1, Traven, Treasure of the Sierra Madre

96.2, Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway

Also (I can't remember) -- did you collect B&Ls without jackets? If so:

1.1, Wilde, Picture of Dorian Gray

5.1, Wells, War in the Air


52.1, Joyce, Ulysses

72.1, Misc., Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural


174., Cervantes (Dali), Don Quixote

208.1, Dante (Grosz), Divine Comedy

Hope I can let go of my various accumulations eventually as gracefully as you 
are doing here, scott -- you've been an excellent model of unstinting sharing 
of acumen and keeping the "-phile" in "bibliophile", right down to the 

all best, as ever,
Bob Riedel
Print Matters! Used & Rare Books
42 Washington Street
Dansville, NY  14437

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