Figuring out what DJs are missing

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Oct 24 12:09:49 EDT 2004

At 9:24 AM -0400 10/24/04, John Krygier wrote:
>On Oct 24, 2004, at 12:55 AM, Scot Kamins wrote:
>>Some time ago somebody on the ListServ suggested that an 
>>interesting project might be to inventory the missing dust jackets 
>>from the database.
>>Are there other reliable indicators we can count on?
>One way to approach this is to use the information in Henry's Guide.
>Some BRAVE volunteer needs to sit down and go through and see which
>DJs are indicated in the Guide and not at Dogeared.  I believe this
>would net a decent "want list."  This would make it easy for people
>to check and see if they have the missing DJs.
>Top of the want list should be titles that are missing (such as the
>list Scot sent out): many of these are early MLs, but Dogeared is
>also missing a few early HC DJs from titles discontinued in the
>early 1940s and a significant number of the late '60s redesigned
>DJs.  All of these are in Henry's Guide.
>More subtle variations are the early Cerf/Klopfer titles (an x in
>the Guide) with no torchbearer on the front of the DJ.  Tougher
>are blurb variations on early MLs.
>There are certainly DJ variants not in the Guide, but why not
>start with documented DJs that are missing...

Great idea, John!  Any takers searching for a coveted "DCE" Dogeared 
membership designation? :-D  Speak up, speak up. Nothing to be afraid 

Scot Kamins, FCB-0

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