Titles [images] Missing From Dogeared Database

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Fri Oct 22 21:56:29 EDT 2004


We have no image of any dust jacket for the following 18 titles. If 
you have one of these, please scan the dust jacket and send me the 
image (JPEG, 300 DPI is best but 150 DPI will do). NOTE: Even if you 
have a pretty poor & grubby dust jacket, I might be able to 
reconstruct it if all the text (or most of it) is still there.

Davidson	Poems
Frenssen	Jorn Uhl
Gourmont	Virgin Heart
Howells		Hazard of New Fortunes
Latzko		Men in War
Maupassant	Short Stories
Maupassant	Une Vie
Misc		Contemporary Science
Norris		McTeague
Ouida		In a Winter City
Shaw G.B.    	An Unsocialist Socialist
Sinclair	Belfry
Stirner		Ego and His Own
Wells        	Ann Veronica
Wells		War in the Air
Wilde		De Profundis
Wilde		Fairy Tales and Poems in Prose
Wilde		Poems

By the way, Dogeared is back on-line.

Scot Kamins, DCE-1

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