First edition points for 333.1?

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Scott, I can second that.  My copy of 333.1 with the Kazin intro has
spine 8, a 415 titles heading, and a j dust jacket.

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In going through material to add to Dogeared, I found a note from 
Scott Conove (Hi, Scott!) calling my attention to the need for a 
Toledano Guide update regarding 333.1, Lawrence's Sons and Lovers. I 
need verification before I enter it. Here's his comment:

"On page 52, 5th line from top (#333.1/Lawrence/Sons and Lovers) I 
believe the proper spine type is 8.  This would change the current 11 
spine listing.  I recently picked up a copy of this title which has 
an introduction by Kazin and lists "415" titles excluding 
Steppenwolf, dating it to the Autumn of 1962."

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