Current Dogeared Membership Count is 11 (plus me)

Scot Kamins kamins at
Thu Oct 21 13:05:10 EDT 2004


First, my thanks to those collectors who have joined Dogeared. I 
appreciate the quick response.

We currently have 11 charter members. These are folks who have 
PayPaled membership payments or who have e-mailed me that their check 
is on the way.

The breakdown is:

First Catalog Benefactors: 5
Boni & Liveright Sustainers: 0
First Edition Supporters: 4
Else Fine Collectors: 2

Note that the membership number BLS-1 is still available since no one 
has joined at that level. (You'll see on the Membership Page that I 
posthumously awarded it to Ogden Nash, but he won't mind giving it 

There are another dozen folks who said on this listServ that they'd 
join - I'm waiting to here from them, and I fully expect to do so 
soon. I'm trusting that I'll hear from undeclared members of this 
listServ soon. I'll keep you posted.

I'm updating pages at the Website by putting in place stockpiled 
contributions. They won't all be finished by the time we relaunch, 
but things will be presentable.

Thanks much,
Scot Kamins, DCE-1

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