Dogeared To Return By Week's End

Scot Kamins kamins at
Tue Oct 19 22:35:50 EDT 2004


Based on responses I've received from this ListServ and from off-list 
e-mail consultation with The Usual Suspects, I've decided that it's 
time to reawaken Dogeared.

It's appropriate to have the folks who use Dogeared - that is, you - 
pay for its upkeep. To do that, you become a member. Members 
contribute annually anywhere from $10 to $100 in one of four 
membership areas (described at If enough 
people buy memberships by Christmas to cover the next year, we stay 
live and open to the public.

If not enough money comes in through this honor system (trusting that 
folks who enjoy using it will pay their fair share), Dogeared becomes 
closed to the public with password-access only for members. 
Memberships will then begin at $25 annually. (Everyone who has 
subscribed by then at any level becomes a paid member.) I'd rather 
keep it open to the public. (I have this nasty populist streak that I 
can't seem to keep suppressed, even after reading Ayn Rand).

There will be membership numbers, of course, which any right-thinking 
ML collector will display with inordinate pride (well, OK, ordinate 
pride) in the Signature section of his/her listserv posts. Numbers 
will be assigned based on a formula you can examine at the Membership 
Information Page, from which you can immediately join by making a 
PayPal payment:

I also am soliciting editorial contributions again, as described on 
the Ongoing Projects Page:

(If you're going to charge for something, it ought to be kept current 
and upgraded from time to time.) Just for fun, contributors will get 
an extra membership number in the Dogeared Contributing Editor series 

  Let the games begin.
Scot Kamins, DCE-1

"Modern Library books are intended to be read and not just to be 
stuck away in bookcases like old sets of Balzac and Victor Hugo..."
                    - Bennett Cerf

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