How do you sort your MLs?

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Mon Oct 18 10:29:23 EDT 2004

This is probably more than you want to know, but...
Mine rest in four bookcases that I made to house my collection.  ML Giants, 
sorted by number, take up the leftmost case; the next case has nine shelves, 
with jacketed flexies taking up the top (place of honor) shelf, in no particular 
order.  Then 2.5 shelves of unjacketed flexies, 1/2 shelf of buckrams and 
illustrateds (no particular order within these categories).  Three shelves of 
later (80's & 90's) jacketed editions, again, in no particular order except size. 
The remaining two shelves and the two other cases are all regular MLs, sorted 
by number.  Since I'm running out of shelfspace, I'd like to see if a 
bookseller who has one of the old Modern Library Bookcases will allow me to take 
measurements, so I could make a reproduction.  If successful, I'd probably 
separate out my firsts to go in that case.  

John Peterson
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