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Sat Oct 16 15:04:35 EDT 2004

At 2:20 PM -0400 10/16/04, Agcpa at wrote:
>The brownish / gray says 348 titles with dj price of $1.25


>The very dark gray / black says 408 titles with $1.95 dj price..

1962 probably.


On what? Dates? The first is likely 1951, the second 1962. Worth? 
Depends on condition, of course. :-D Neither is a First judging by 
the dates, so anywhere from nothing to $15.00 max each.

Top stain has no impact on value except in a negative sense: if it's 
spotted the value goes down.

>P.S.  What is the annual budget....?

... You mean to run Dogeared? Internet costs were running about 
$30-/month when I took it down. The problems came when people would 
whack the entire image database, running up overcharges for bandwidth 
use. Some months the costs would double. Hits to the site kept 
increasing on a monthly basis; when I took it down, I was getting 
something like 700 hits a day.

If Dogeared were to go back online - theoretically speaking - costs 
for 2005 would likely be somewhere around $500.

Scot Kamins

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