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> Bob and Scot,  thanks for the information.  I will pass on that book; 
> the condition was rather poor for a 1960's edition.
> I went through the past posts, and found the link (from Barry I 
> believe) to the internet archives.  Sure enough, there were the old 
> dogeared pages.  That was extremely helpful.  Using the dating key, I 
> discovered that the book I have was published in 1953, although the DJ 
> image on the site was from 1966.... and the same looking jacket for 
> that book is on the 1943 catalog cover.  So, without the dating key 
> you have no idea, correct?  The only pub date in the book is 1942.
> I also found I have another ML book... one that I bought in the late 
> 1980's (Poe).  There is no # on the book (it is one of the giant ones 
> I guess).  Did Random House stop the numbering scheme at some point in 
> time?  After 1970?
> Thanks very much for the help.  This may turn into a fun hobby.
> ron

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