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At 12:50 PM -0400 10/14/04, Printmat at wrote:
>The first ML edition of Sherlock came out in 1946, and says so on 
>the copyright page. The "1921"  is the just the copyright date for 
>the collection of stories, not for the ML edition. The indented ML 
>on the cover sounds like it's a 1960s reprint, which would, of 
>course, have maintained the 1921 historical copyright date. With no 
>jacket, it might be worth three or four dollars to you as a good 
>entertaining read, but it certainly wouldn't be classed as a 
>collectible. The ML number isn't in the book.
Bob is correct, of course. The ML number is never (never? I guess..) 
in the book identifying that particular volume.

The ML number sometimes does appear in the book, but only as part of 
the catalog that occasionally appears in the back of the book. The 
catalogs are often bound into the back without reference to the 
volume into which it's bound, and usually are unpaginated. (Thus can 
be stuck into the back of whatever book has room for one).

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