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Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Oct 10 18:27:35 EDT 2004

At 5:58 PM -0400 10/10/04, John Krygier wrote:
>I did find a copy of Milton's 'Complete Poetry and Selected Prose' (132.3)
>in a late 60s binding (14) and redesigned DJ.  The DJ has Milton's name
>in gothic type, with an illuminated manuscript-like design around the 'M'.
>I guess I would call it a P dust jacket.  This particular Dj variant is
>not noted in the Toledano Guide (it only lists the earlier T Dj).

Yeah, that is one gorgeous dust jacket. It's in the taller format 
with the Fujita design - a lovely book with wonderful content. Took 
me forever to find a copy!

Nice score, John!

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