What of that question about the colophon?

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At 4:58 PM -0400 10/10/04, John Krygier wrote:

>One could write a book in response to this question...wait, someone did write
>a book.  Dash out and find a copy of:

<excellent list of references snipped>

Yes, yes, yes. Top notch references to be sure. But what of the 
questions? Here, I'll take a stab:

>What is the significance of the ML logo?
It's a running person (sex indeterminate) holding the torch of 
knowledge & enlightenment. It represents the search for Truth.

>What difference does it make whether or not it is on a book or not?
With very few exceptions for books 1925-1968 or so, it lets you know 
that you're dealing with a Modern Library title. After 1968 a bunch 
of titles had no logo, but instead had the letters "ML" in place of 
it. Even with titles from 1968-1970, the Running Torchbearer was 
someplace in the book or on the dust jacket.

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