Sale very successful - many titles left

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Sat Oct 9 08:42:26 EDT 2004

Scot: I will take the Eliot if still available. Thanks scott

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> Folks, 
> A big ongoing "thank you" to all the folks who have bought pieces of 
> my ML collection. The scarcest titles sold quite quickly, and folks 
> have (in general) been fun to deal with. 
> I still have quite a few giants and buckrams left, as well as a large 
> number of giant and post-1939 (and a few earlier) first editions. I 
> also have more common titles and non-firsts in #5 bindings and later. 
> Send your want lists for specific titles. 
> Thanks again, 
> -- 
> Scot Kamins 
> ............. 
> "Don't look for fire sale prices - just fairly priced well-described books." 
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