Sale very successful - many titles left

Thu Oct 7 23:03:58 EDT 2004

Giants at this period seem to have been bound in the same 
balloon cloth used for regular volumes and jackets were 
similar in style to the regular volumes--but the boards were 
stiff, not flexible like the regular volumes.  They were 
thinner than those used later but were still stiff.


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>I recently came across a ML Giant(G-16) of Look Homeward, 
Angel with
>dust jacket that seems to me to be a giant flex. The jacket 
is very flex
>like a solid color bar at the top and bottom of jacket. The 
type of art
>work seems similar. The verso gives me the Scribner's 
copyright date of
>1929 plus a brief publishers note of this edition and then 
a list of 15
>giants the last one being Don Quixote . Cerf is the 
publisher. The book
>itself seems to be of flexible boards (forgive me for not 
knowing the
>technical terms). 
>Can anyone shed some light on this one. I have never heard 
of a flex
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