Correct DJ for Augie March first?

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I am guessing you are wondering if the 1st issue DJ should be a K or an
L.  I had this unfounded suspicion that all the firsts I have with an L
jacket should really be a K.  Scanning my inventory I noticed 368.1
through 364.1, all stated firsts, have the L jacket.  Firsts I have to
that point were with the K jacket.  Unless someone has a definitive
answer to the contrary or has this book with a K jacket, I believe the L
is the first.

I have the same issue with 348.1, Dewey on Education.  I have two state
1st copies, one with the K and the other with the L jacket.  I suspect,
in this case, the K is the first.

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I have a first of Bellow's The Adventures of Auggie March but I'm not 
certain it's the correct DJ. What should the back of the DJ look like?


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