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On May 1, 2004, at 12:03 PM, Scot Kamins wrote:

>> I found your site while researching Modern Library editions of 
>> "Dracula" for a comprehensive vampire bibliography.

>> To begin with, are you aware of the fact that the first dust-jacket 
>> state was reproduced by Doubleday as the following note?
>> __. Garden City, NY: Garden City Publishing, Inc., n.d. [c. 1940]. 
>> [i-vi], vii-ix, [x], [1], 2-354 p. hb. w. green, decorative binding & 
>> illustrated endpapers. dj. Note: Jacket illustration as per the first 
>> Modern Library edition, but has green lettering & a yellow 
>> background. The Sun Dial Library Ser. Price: $1.00. 18.5 cm.

The Sun Dial Library was published in the late 1920s and maybe early
1930s before being bought by ML, who wanted some of the titles in
that series.  About a half dozen were reissued in the ML (same plates
as far as I can see) - including Dracula, Lord Jim, McFee, etc.  The
Dracula DJ from the Sun Dial Library was adapted for the ML (I don't
think this happened with any of the other Sun Dial Library titles).
So - the c. 1940 above should be c. 1928 or so, with the ML 1st in 1932.

For the MODLIB list folks, here is an image of the Sun Dial Library
Dracula: http://go.owu.edu/~jbkrygie/dracula.jpg

I think this is one of the more striking images on a flex ML - too bad
it was not original to the ML!

>> However, I also have two questions for you:
>> A Modern Library list on the internet states that the "E. McKnight 
>> Kauffer" dust jacket came out in 1952 but, in the copy that I have, 
>> the name is followed by a "/40", which indicates that the drawing is 
>> from 1940. Which date is correct?

The 1952 date on the Kauffer DJ at the Dogeared site refers to the year
the DJ scanned for the site was printed, not the first year that DJ 
was used.

The first use of the Kauffer DJ was the probably the first hardcover
printing of the title which should have been 1940.

>> Secondly, I've found three early covers but a lot of binding 
>> variants. Do you happen to know which binding came first? Was any 
>> early ML edition of Dracula ever issued without a dust jacket?

This is a Barry Neavill question, but the only ML Dracula without a DJ 
have been the 1960s buckram (library) binding.

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