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Wed Mar 24 20:20:44 EST 2004

Penguin did indeed publish a number of mini books on the occasion of their 
60th aniversary in 1995 @ 95c US, $1.49 in Canada etc. There is an active 
Penguin Collectors Society that started in 1974.   They publish a 44p "Newsletter" 
booklet twice a year (November 1983-date), a 64 page "Penguin Collector" 
booklet twice a year (number 60, June 2003 for instance) and another publication 
called "Miscellany" every year (1986-date) as well as other publications by their 
members who collect the various numbered series Penguin, Pelican, Puffin, 
etc., etc. The society also has a yearly General Meeting. They pursue "points" in 
the 30,000 books that Penguin has published since 1935 with a doggedness and 
exilaration that is amazing. I have heard about these collectors only recently 
and was able to borrow some of their publications from a friend.
Ernest Schott 
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